For Supervisors
Eliminate time consuming reviews, gain greater access to historical information, and effectively share data up the chain.

For IT Professionals
Export data in XML, XLS, CVS, ASCII, DBF, PDF, HTML, RTF and DOC formats. Supports digital ink, handwriting recognition and voice dictation.

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Professional edition

Paperless Productivity


SansWrite Professional edition provides the same features as Standard edition, but by upgrading to Professional edition you enable your team to communicate findings electronically, share data with third-party applications, and completely eliminate paper files.

Create Templates, Collect Data, Print Reports, E-mail Reports, Export Data and Report Archiving

There is no need to carry a portable printer into the field, or waste time following complex steps to generate and attach documents to e-mail. With Professional edition, and a connection to the Internet, you can communicate your findings via e-mail in just a few simple steps.

Professional edition also allows you to export data with ease. The intuitive export process guides you through selecting and formatting data. Data exported from SansWrite is compatible with a variety of third-party software including MS-Excel, MS-Access and Adobe Acrobat.

Eliminating paper-based filing systems is another great benefit of Professional edition. Field workers can electronically file completed reports when connected to the network. Once archived, reports are easily retrieved by anyone with access across your organization.

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