Standard edition does more than just automate simple forms. It allows you to create smart forms, from simple to complex, using a variety of input controls that are specially designed for the field

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Standard edition

Smart Forms


Create. Collect. Communicate. It all starts with software that allows you to create smart forms, optimized for efficient data collection in-the-field, and printouts that effectively communicate your findings - and SansWrite Standard edition does it all.

Create Templates, Collect Data and Print Reports

Standard edition does more than just automate simple forms – it allows you to efficiently automate complex Tabbed Forms and Continuous Forms without tedious design or programming. Selecting from a variety of predefined Content Objects, you can quickly build content-specific templates. Design printouts based on your preferences and organization’s image, or to the exact specifications and formatting of required forms.

Now that you’ve crafted your template, you’re ready to start capturing data accurately and efficiently while out in the field. As you progress through the data-entry process, SansWrite monitors your progress and prompts you if any data is missing or incomplete. Most importantly, your data is safe! SansWrite instantly backs-up your entries to ensure no data is lost - no matter what unexpected hazard or event occurs while in the field.

With your data safely collected, you are ready to generate printouts.  SansWrite templates allows you to define a variety of print formats, such as checklist, narrative and summary styles, you can immediately communicate findings in the field in whatever format is required.

Getting started is easy! Download Standard edition today.