SME Program


The role of Subject Matter Expert (SME) is critical to the success of client projects, and the overall SansWrite X product. Our SME Program is designed to identify individuals with domain expertise in target industries, train them on the features and capabilities of SansWrite X, and utilize their expertise to fill knowledge gaps  on client projects.


To better understand the SME role, it is important to understand the knowledge gap. The knowledge gap is common on all types of projects, and is most evident when starting a project with a new client. Client representatives have in-depth knowledge of their job functions, but limited understanding of the SansWrite X application. SansWrite staff have in-depth knowledge of the SansWrite X application, but limited understanding of client job functions. In addition, the client representatives and SansWrite staff often have their own industry terminology which can make even the most well-intended communication challenging.


SMEs are freelance workers  who use their domain expertise, and understanding of SansWrite to bridge knowledge gaps by collaborating with the collective project team and facilitating communication. They help identify opportunities for process improvement, provide domain knowledge and project support, and author well written and descriptive standardized deficiencies.

Identify Opportunities

SMEs uncover problems or inefficiency in clients’ current processes, and identify opportunities for improvement. They are often the first contact for new clients, and they provide sales support during the proposal phase.

Support Project Teams

SMEs are respected in their fields, and are the go-to authorities on project teams. They have in-depth knowledge of industry trends and best practices, and openly share their knowledge to ensure clients get what they need.

Create Detailed Content

SMEs have excellent verbal and written communication skills. They create descriptive standardized content for streamlining the inspection process, and for producing more detailed and consistent inspection reports.



The qualities that will lead to success.


  • Active in trade or professional associations
  • Frequently attend seminars and continuing education conferences
  • Flexible work schedule which allows for participation in conference calls
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a project team
  • Solid time management skills with a track record for meeting deadlines
  • Well organized and disciplined to follow through on tasks
  • Experience with gathering requirements and eliciting feedback
  • Working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet applications
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills



Opportunity Identification

SMEs earn 15% of the overall project fee for bringing in a new client and providing sales support. The average range of compensation is $3,000 to $15,000.


Project Support

SMEs earn 10% of the overall project fee for providing project support. The average range of compensation per project is $2,500 to $7,000.


Content Creation

SMEs earn specific amount per page of content for data entry and content creation. The average range of compensation per project is $700 to $3,500.


Becoming a SME


1  Complete the on-line SME Application (approximately 15-minutes).


2  Initial phone screening to determine candidate's areas of interest and potential for becoming a SME (approximately 15-minutes).


Attend an on-line demo of SansWrite X to better understand the product, and the SME role (approximately 60-minutes).


4   Interview via Skype to determine if candidate is a fit for the SME program (approximately 30-minutes).


Selected candiates will go through the on-boarding process, and complete SansWrite X and SME training (approximately 4-hours).


Participate in the apprenticeship program by working with an experienced SME (3-projects with compensation).


Begin receiving assignments, and participating on project teams.



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More Information


For more information on the SME Program or to learn more about becoming a SME contact April Shereda at or by calling (513) 792-8075.


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Considered a technology pioneer in on-site inspection reporting, the initial version of SansWrite was developed to eliminate handwriting, and enable inspectors to generate more legible reports while on-site. With subsequent versions, SansWrite further modernized the inspection and reporting process by reducing the amount of typing required to document findings, and by monitoring inspectors’ progress to ensure reports were complete. More recently, SansWrite was the first to democratize regulatory inspections by enabling government agencies to publish reports directly to the Internet.


SansWrite X changes the game once again with the most modern, and mobile friendly inspection app available on the market. Reengineered from the ground up, Version X works with the latest mobile technology and includes all the features SansWrite customers have come to expect. SansWrite X also includes new innovations for managing content and templates, and new features like Mini-Inspections™ and Roll-up Reporting™. With SansWrite X, inspectors, auditors and surveyors can do more with fewer clicks and less typing, all while producing comprehensive, actionable and easy-to-read reports.


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