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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to sign in to my SansWrite account?
If you are unable to sign in to your SansWrite account, it may be because you need to clear the Browser's cache:
  1. While in the browser, (Chrome, Edge, etc.) press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to bring up Clear Browsing Data window
  2. Set 'Time Range' dropdown to 'All Time'
  3. Uncheck 'Browsing history' (and 'Download history' if using Edge)
  4. Confirm 'Cookies and other site data' and 'Cached images and files' are both checked
  5. Click 'Clear data'
  6. Return to the SansWrite page
  7. Press Ctrl+F5 (or Refresh)
  8. Sign in
How do I add a License number to my account?
If there are no License numbers attached to your account, a pop-up will prompt you to add a license.
  1. First search for the Agency that licenses your facility and then select it from the dropdown.
  2. Search for your facilty by name or license number, and then select it from the dropdown.
  3. If payment is required, enter your credit card information.
  4. Click 'Add'

If you are adding additional license numbers, you can add them via 'Manage Users' and clicking on your name menu.

How do I reset my password?

If you don't remember your password, enter your login email into the 'Sign In' page and click 'Next.'' A 'Forgot Password' link will apear above the password field. Click this link to send a password reset email to yourself.

Don't forget to check your Spam folder if the email doesn't arrive within a few minutes